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Many years ago someone told me this interesting fact about how people receive compliments and it went something like this:

“If a person receives a compliment, even if they know it is disingenuous, they still feel better about themselves.”

What? This made no sense to me, how would that even be possible. If I was having a terrible day and someone I knew didnt care said something nice about me I’d feel better? Madness, our brains need an upgrade. But I started reading the paper for some clues – at present I cant find the initial one, but there are a few others here and here. The second one actually talks about people performing better after receiving a compliment, but you get the picture.

But after reading this I had an idea to build a compliment printer, something very basic where you press a button and receive candy .. a compliment. So I set off building one. I had the parts from various other projects it. The biggest hassle was fitting everything inside the printer, but I think it came out nicely :)

Check out this video of the Printer in action!

Where is it?

I figured I would put it at a bar as often (myself included) people find it easy to go to a bar if they are feeling down. I also LOVE punk rock and its often played at Surfarosa, one of my favourite bars. I don’t know if it will get rekt or have beer poured all over it or be taken, but its at the bar at the moment. So if you want to go get a compliment head on down there!













Also one of the bartenders left a comment on my Facebook post which is kinda awesome:

Build process after the break!
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Over the years, halloween has always been fun for me, I basically wish I was American so that I could dress up excessively every year!

This year I decided that I would like to build my own costume. Naturally I wanted all the blinken lights, but without all the hard work of having to build the frame around it. Sadly while soldering together LEDs and piecing together some code to get them to work was something I could do, building the non electronic parts of the costume to make it look good was far out of my reach.

The costume came out as follows, how I put it together after the break:

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