What is this?

Airodump vs Geo is pretty simple, its allows the geolocation vis of airodump files without needing a GPS device in just 3 operations:

  • Parse out all AP's from an Airodump
  • Identify the GPS co-ordinates of the APs where possible via google location services
  • Use these GPS co-ordinates to plot to street addresses via openmaps

Download Sauce
Download the php scripts to use yourself

View Writeup
View the writeup over at mah blawg

Airodump vs GEO

Simply drop your xml output from airodump-ng and enjoy the .kml with locations from google via Mac's or just text format listing possible locations as well as the GPS co-ordinates
Note: This may take a few minutes if its a big airodump-ng file!
Also Note: As i can only plot the APs you will *only* see those on google earth!