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The Quick and dirty:

New PasteLert lives at


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My linode has been pretty much falling over due to the previous version of the pastebin alerts for a number of reasons:

» Scripts sometimes get blackholed ( allows the connection but doesnt respond – due to their DDoS protection)
» Scripts sometimes were still running when the PREVIOUS script had not completed causing a chain reaction of fail
» Deletes would be happening while the above scripts where running causing MySQL to tilt

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Hey guys,

I saw the pastebin guys put out a list of the IP addresses that have been attacking them for people to check if they were, I wrote a quick little script to test this at:

Secondly, i see pastelert broke with the new GUI change on pastebin, I’ve fixed it on mine and I will post an update sometime here, if its urgent just drop me a mail and i’ll send the patch :)



Sorry guys, I noticed that I haven’t been getting any pasteLert updates, and i just realised why (see above picture for my reaction).

Change line 4 in truncPastes.php from:

mysql_query(“truncate pastebin”);


mysql_query(“delete from pastebin”);



Truncate automatically resets the auto-incrementing IDs so that when the table was truncated pastes started from ID 0 again, which when checked against what the last ID sent to the user was obviously lower. Sorry for the headache, to fix it, apply the above then run:

update alerts set LastID = 0;


Mah bad,


Archive for pasteLert

So i finally got round to putting the source together and writing this out. We’ve been really busy with Blackhat training at work and so on and i’m generally just lazy. Also releasing now mostly because the mysql database on my linode keeps crashing, its just too small a box to keep *all* pastebin entries. The code is messy, so expect arb/no commenting but its pretty straight forward, feel free to shoot through any questions you have. Also i messaged pastebin to see if they’d implement something like this or let me do it, but i didnt get any responses to any of the messages :(

Anyway, here is the basic rundown:

  • Setup your mysql, create a database ‘pastebin’ – Google will give you this info :D
  • Drop the structure in, its in the archive as pastebinStructure.sql. mysql -u root -p pastebin < pastebinStructure.sql
  • Extract the archive to its own directory in your webroot, preferably ‘pasteLert’ :)
  • Change the setdb.php file to your mysql details. Edit alerts.php to include your email and location information rather than mine
  • Setup the crons as below


Basically there are 4 cron jobs that you need to add:

  • pullPastebin.php – this will go to and get the pasteIDs and add them to `pastebin`.`pastebin`, I generally run this every 2 minutes and my cron looks like this:
    • */2 * * * * php /var/www/html/
  • pullPastes.php – this script then goes and pulls each paste with a random delay between 0-5 seconds (see line 14 if you want to change that). I generally let this run every 10 minutes and looks as follows:
    • */10 * * * * php /var/www/html/
  • sendAlerts.php – this script sends out the alerts via email, this is really up to you, obviously as close to 10 minutes means its as close to when you have the data, mines at 15 mins:
    • */15 * * * * php /var/www/html/

Cron Part 2!
So the reason my box was falling over was that every day i’d push all the pastebin’s from that day into another table (pastebinOldData). Essentially i have now changed mine to stop doing this and rather truncated the daily log instead of saving the data.  You however hopefully have a bigger box and can store all the data, or you can always just truncate the data, so you need to pick one of the two files, either truncPastes.php or rotatePastes.php.

0 1 * * * php /var/www/html/

0 1 * * * php /var/www/html/

I think that pretty much covers it, feel free to mail in what you are looking for if you need any help.



Hey guys,

So here is my latest project, extending from the previous pasteScraper to do something a little different with the pastebins. Essentially i recreated google alerts but with a bit more searchiness (yes, i make up words now too).

How it Works

  • I enumerate all new pastes from every minute and add them to a ‘download’ queue.
  • New pastes are then downloaded to a local database
  • Alerts are periodically cron’d
  • Search functionality is via a fulltext search of pastes

What does it give me?

  • The ability to search for *anything* on
  • Semi-realtime searches
  • Email alerts when your term is hit!
  • RSS feeds for searches
  • The ability to search with AND keywords in pastebins

How it is all going to fall apart

I dont really see this as a long term project, merely something that shows a PoC for how much stuff is leaking out via and how cool it really is. Some issues i see that may happen with this:

  • People will switch to more secure pastebins that don’t allow indexing, don’t have archive pages and arent indexed by search engines
  • My small linode will fall to pieces because the fulltext like queries are painfull
  • will not be impressed with me doing this and start blocking it

Linkage, feel free to play/comment/etc :)



p.s. Thanks to Chris Hadnagy and Roelof Temmingh :D