PasteLert is a simple system to search pastebin.com and set up alerts (like google alerts) for pastebin.com entries. This means you will automatically recieve email whenever your term(s) is/are found in new pastebin entries!

You can check out the About page to find out more details of the project.

Get Notified!

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How This Works

  • You get an email from me
  • You follow the confirmation link
Get Notified
  • Pastebin.com is indexed every 15-45 seconds
  • Every 10-60 minutes we search for any *new*(as in from now) pastes
  • You get an email if any of your terms are found!


PasteLert originally started as a need to be able to properly search pastebin.com as there were a few limitations in place:

  • No onsite search functionality
  • Search functionality provided by Google meant new pastes were only indexed days late
  • Because of the Google search functionality you had some limitations (searching for a specific IP, multiple keywords in one paste etc)

How it Works

  • I enumerate all new pastes from http://www.pastebin.com/archive/ every minute and add them to a 'download' queue.
  • New pastes are then downloaded to a local database
  • Alerts are periodically cron'd
  • Search functionality is via a fulltext search of pastes

How I got to do it

Because I work at an AWESOME company (Paterva), I get a lot of time to play around with things that interest me.. on work hours! And of late there had been a bunch of pastebin links flying around and its interesting to me to see what information you can get out of it.

How it is all going to fall apart

I dont really see this as a long term project, merely something that shows a PoC for how much stuff is leaking out via PasteBin.com and how cool it really is. Some issues i see that may happen with this:

  • People will switch to more secure pastebins that don't allow indexing, don't have archive pages and arent indexed by search engines
  • My small linode will fall to pieces because the fulltext like queries are painfull
  • Pastebin.com will not be impressed with me doing this and start blocking it


You can get the code for this and other paste related projects over at http://andrewmohawk.com/tag/pastebin/.


You can reach me via mail (andrew@andrewmohawk.com) or on twitter (@AndrewMohawk).