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So a while ago I asked if I was allowed to play with and I got a positive response, I kinda looked around at their custom CMS,  didnt see anything immediately available, playing with cookies, changing values here and there, got some SQL errors on but nothing really spectacular:

I looked around some more, nothing really special, played with register and login, seemed okay.. decided to make an account and see what options I had. Please note I did not even REMOTELY test everything, i was really just messing around. First thing I saw was that people where big on blogs, blogs are linked by categories and blogs in the same categories show similar blogs, heres my first blog:

I started looking into messing with stuff, coming from a bit of a webdev background, immediately hit up some jscript, ie <script>alert(‘AndrewMohawk is AWESOME’);</script>.

Sure enough out the bag, xss is firing.

Even better.. XSS is persistent, not only on my entry, but on the titles being pulled from other articles in the same category (uncategorized)…

So now we have that, now what?

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