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So i was chatting to Chris Hadnagy and he was having a bit of an issue getting an API key for yahoo BOSS and it seemed troublesome.

So i popped off a mail to yahoo to ask how i could get a key to share and they basically said i can just use mine. So i quickly repackaged the pasteScraper with my key so now its as simple as extracting the zip in your webroot directory and browsing to it :)

Get the new one here

Of course you can still use the one on my site over at


Yeah im really lazy, so im not gonna write a lot about it, basically, if you wanna use it on my site hit it up at otherwise feel free to download it and run it yourself from this archive

Basically, go to and try some of these:

  1. “gmail/facebook Password” – free facebook/gmail/whatever accounts
  2. “rbot” – find rbot config files, including the passwords and the irc network that it connects to, ie, if you have an irc client you get a free botnet
  3. “enable password” – Cisco goodness
  4. “BEGIN PGP” – pgp keys anyone?
  5. “DB_PASSWORD” – loads of database passwords
  6. “Shellcode” or “Exploit”

You get the idea :)


Enjoy my readmeĀ  after the break :D
1 // What is PasteBinScraper?
2 // How does it work?
3 // How do i use it?
4 // How do i install?
5 // Extending
6 // TODO
7 // Thanks
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