Hi Guys,

I see I haven’t update this blog in ages, I’d love to say I didn’t have enough time, but it was mostly just me being.. well lazy.

Zacon IV was on the 27th of October ( http://www.zacon.org.za/about.html ) and was really great, had a super time and met some great people. My talk covered a bunch of the stuff I did on the blog and essentially these sections:

* Lockpicking (briefly)
* Magstripes (reading + spoofing)
* RTLSDR (listening to guards)
* RFID (proxmark – bypassing LF EM4x door locks)
* RFCat (spoofing remotes)

It went relatively well apart from a few small demo problems (such as not being able to spoof a magnetic stripe – turned the volume down by mistake when I tried to show it! *doh*). The video of the talk can be seen here:

ZaCon4 – Andrew MacPherson – 88MPH Digital tricks to bypass Physical security from ZaCon on Vimeo.

If you want the slide deck you can grab it from: http://andrewmohawk.com/zacon-ivy/88MPH-full.pptx So anyway, there are a few topics that I started writing but got lazy to compliment the talk, but these are what I should cover in the next few articles (I hope):

* Magstripes Part 2: Spoofing
* Bypassing LF tags

Additionally the badges this year:

And my custom badge for this year:

Additionally if you want to see the other Zacon talks (I recommend the MWR talks – definitely my favourite!) you can view them at http://vimeo.com/zacon

So with this post it will hopefully force me to write the others!


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